Fading Gigolo: directed by, written and starring John Turturro. This movie tells the story of a florist, Fioravante, who is convinced by his elderly friend Murray (Woody Allen) to get into the gigolo business. The case is that Murray needs money, and proposes to be Fiovorante’s pimp. Despite the fact Fiovarante isn’t the most pretty guy or the most socially skilled, he turns out to be quite a successful gigolo. The story explores love, sex, lots of different kinds of women and what people will do for money.

I first saw this trailer in the cinema and was struck by John Turturro‘s Fiovorante and his innocence. It will be interesting to see how he handled the development and arc of the character – I have high hopes. It may be very interesting to watch especially because culturally, male prostitutes are such taboos.

Sofia Vergara looks hilarious, and Sharon Stone is as gorgeous as ever. I’m only a bit concerned about the plot – if it’s all sex, money and not much more than that, it could be a bit of a disappointment, and I hope it’s not going to show women as hysterical creatures that are only after sex. Or love, for that matter – what I’m trying to say is that I hope the image of the woman is at least a bit nuanced, and not as stereotyped as they can be for these sort of films. We’ll see though, as I’ll be attending the Australian screening of the movie next week.

Our review of Fading Gigolo is coming soon after that!

Does Fading Gigolo look like fun to you? 

Fading Gigolo (2013)


Cast:   a.o.


Cinematography: Marco Pontecorvo

Genre: Comedy

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  • ruth

    I might give it a rent but Turturro usually likes to amp up the sexuality so it might be too much for me. I saw one of his movies Romance & Cigarettes which was pretty vulgar in parts but it was still worth a watch for the cast!

    • http://www.themoviescrutineer.com/ Manon de Reeper

      Hey Ruth!

      Honestly, I haven’t seen many of the movie’s his written/directed. For me he’s just mostly Jesus (The Big Lebowski). But I hope it’s not going to be too vulgar. It looked kinda fun and non-vulgar (relatively, given the topic), from the trailer, but I suppose trailers can trick you like that!