If you read our ABOUT PAGE, and you liked what you read there? You may want to consider teaming up with us.

The Movie Scrutineer is actively looking for writers to join our team – if you love to write and to watch film, or, even better: to write about film!

We prefer personal pieces – well-written, insightful reviews and features in which the writer is free to present their unique opinion. We care about the essence of film, and prefer longer, in-depth, content-driven articles that focus on film-analysis instead of easy, meaningless traffic-bait.

The Movie Scrutineer serves as a hub for like-minded people, but will not force you to adhere to a certain site consensus or convention. There is no “we” when you write an article for The Movie Scrutineer – every writer is a respected individual, which means you are free to express your opinions as your own. This also means that people of your own team are free to agree or disagree with you, which we encourage people do in the comments.

If you’re a scholar or academic student with a passion for film, we’d love for you to join us and write from your unique perspective and background. We aim to have a very interdisciplinary team! Film scholars, sociologists that enjoy film and can do sociological analysis, linguists, anthropologists, criminologists, psychologists, or even the most unlikely combinations of academic fields and film – you are all very welcome to join our team.

Benefits of writing for The Movie Scrutineer include being part of a professional, like-minded team, being able to practice your writing and publish your own insightful opinions and knowledge on film, to spur discussion and to publish content that will actually inform people, instead numb their minds. Every article you publish will include a short biography, links to social media and/or websites and a picture of the author. When available, writers will be invited for team-only giveaways.

If that sounds good to you, we’d love to hear from you! 

Please send your application to [email protected]. Include at least one example of your work (.doc, .docx or .pdf formats only) that is between 700 and 2000 words. Also, please pitch 2-3 article titles of articles that you could and want to write for The Movie Scrutineer. Please let us know what film genres you prefer, which directors are your favorites and what kind of experience you have in (film) writing, if any. And don’t forget to tell us something about yourself, too, and where we can find you on the social networks!


While everyone can apply to write for The Movie Scrutineer, we do have some basic expectations of our writers. We expect that you…

…are passionate about film and writing/blogging;
…have excellent command of the English language;
…have a good understanding of film making and film analysis (if you haven’t read our “How To Analyze Movies Like a Boss” series yet, go do it now);
…have seen many movies in your lifetime;
…try your hardest to meet deadlines;
…use social media, at the very least Twitter and Facebook.


We’re really looking forward to hear from you!