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tmslogoThe Movie Scrutineer is a hub for film enthusiasts that like to ponder on and discuss the meanings of film, how movies are embedded in culture and just in general, love anything film.

In this day and age, lists and film news are the norm for many film sites. Large film magazines are firing their most valuable critics, and what for? Short, stupid lists that have no value whatsoever? While this trend may suggest that there is no audience for in-depth film discussion anymore, we’d like to prove them wrong. The Movie Scrutineer is a haven exactly for those who still love to read meaningful articles about film.

So, what distinguishes The Movie Scrutineer from other online film magazines is that we don’t bother with industry news, speculation or celebrity gossip, or short, stupid lists – instead, we focus on the content of movies. We discuss the art of film making, theme, political, social or cultural issues raised in film, general representations of culture, et cetera.

We don’t publish tons of short articles every day. Instead, we publish up to three longer, in-depth articles per day, giving the reader the chance to really dig into an article and to not feel overwhelmed by the level of output. In that vein, the website has also been styled to decrease the amount of flashy headlines vying for your attention. You could say we’re a modern film journal; while adapted to modern technology, we’re upholding a high standard, in an age where we desperately need more quality content on the web. 

Finally, while the founder and Editor in Chief of The Movie Scrutineer is based in Australia (though she’s Dutch), it is not an Australian website. Our contributors hail from all over the world, as do our readers. In our opinion, along with a global age comes the responsibility to focus on the global. 

We love to chat with the readers – you’re invited to discuss with us (and challenge us) in the comments! We hope to see you around!

If you have any questions, or suggestions, e.g. something you would like to read about, you are always very welcome to direct these to [email protected].

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The Movie Scrutineer was founded in late 2013 and was taken to the next level in February 2014. Since then, the site has started to grow exponentially and is still gaining momentum. The Movie Scrutineer is a young venture but is intent on becoming the biggest and best alternative to the “quick and easy” format film websites are adopting.

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